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Jehovah Witnesses all over the world rejoice for this is your time to shine!

Lockpick Changes
Removed some of the randomness when it comes to lockpicking, All lockpicks should now take about 15 seconds.
Door Health
Doors can now be shot out of their frame. Each door has 250HP and will respawn 15 seconds after being destroyed.
This is mostly faster than a lockpick, But it makes more sound and uses ammo. So use it wisely!
Ding Dong!
4 New Doorbells can be found in your entities tab!

I CCTV Youmore_vert
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Farewell RTCamera!
We have removed the old RT Camera because it was creating a massive amount of lag.
Hello CCTV!
Build your own Big Brother network with the new CCTV Cameras! (Found in F4 > Entities)

When bought you will receive a camera and a screen, Place the camera where you want it to be and
press 'e' > 'install camera'
Then place your screen and press 'e' on it to change the settings.

New Server!close

Thats right! The murder server is now up and running, You can join with the link below or the button in the navigation bar!

Keep In Line Updatemore_vert
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Everyone can buy restrains from the F4 Weapons tab. These one-time use restrains can be used to make sure your "Visitor" doesn't run off
Metal Detecting
The Police have a new tool: The metal detector.
They can use these on checkpoints & the PD to find players with questionable weapons.
Thieves can now make cocaine. It's a fairly tedius process so you better have some time.
After you fill a holder with 6 jars of cocaine, Find the cocaine buyer and sell it, Really good cocaine can earn you up to $500.000!

Momentum Updatemore_vert
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There are now 16 cars available for purchase. Most of them are very expensive. Some basic cars are affordable.

We've also added 2 new weapons you can purchase:

  • Grappling Hook
  • Deployable Keypad Cracker

The bank robbing NPC also has moved futher away from the bank, You have to pass the PD Now.